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Have you always wanted to be a palmist? Would you like to learn how to read hands with the UK’s leading hand reader? Join Johnny for a six-month intensive course and discover the essential techniques, skills and insights that will take you from apprentice to pro… (only 20 places available)

Professional Level Palmistry Diploma Course - £295

The course will consist of 20 modules to be studied weekly (go at your own pace, some have completed the course in as little as six weeks, some take up to a year). The modules will need homework in the form of questions to respond to and images of hand features you identify sent for confirmation by Johnny. The course will cover everything from the history and philosophy of palm reading up to advanced palm reading techniques with close monitoring of your progress with extensive commentary. It will finish with you sitting a professional-level palm reading diploma paper that will be double marked by Johnny and another professional and this will be followed by two advanced, specialist palm reading courses (all covered by the course fee). Every module will be marked, checked and feedback will be given personalty by Johnny.

Each module is packed with teaching, instruction, copious images, short MP3 recordings, short MP4 videos & support from Johnny, as well as all-important insights and up-to-the-moment discoveries. The course provides all the necessary tuition to become a professional palm reader. You will need to be able to send back images of lines, fingerprints, particular hand features and markings as part of your studies, so ideally you have access to a pool of around ten people to collect your palm sample prints/images from. Downloaded images of palms are OK if it’s difficult to get prints. If you get behind in your module homework – no problem – you have twelve full months to consolidate your studies.

Equipment Required

The course will be best studied on a laptop or tablet for the best image quality, and ideally one equipped with earphones for the MP3 recordings. A large-screened mobile phone will suffice, but you may need an app to read .PDF files. It’s essential your device can read MP3. MP4 and PDF. files and that you can photograph reasonable quality images of palm lines and markings and e mail them to me for your homework. You will need to purchase an ink roller, block printing ink and a magnifying glass (instructions supplied on where and what to order). You won’t need to take lots of palm prints all at once, just a few for each module to demonstrate your understanding of that module’s teaching.

Please bear in mind that palm reading is fascinating, life-enriching, mind blowing and it changes lives – however it does require serious study, people skills, dedication and hard work! You will need to devote around 4 hours of study to the course per week – depending on what speed you choose to go at.

How To Enrol

Enrolments take place in May and November each year. To sign up, send a £50 deposit via PayPal to sales@johnnyfincham.com (You don’t need to be a member of PayPal to send cash). In the payment note box – put your name and email address and also please email me to tell me you’ve enrolled. You will then be sent the first module to examine and work through. After studying the first module – you can then either submit the balance of the course fee via bank transfer and commit to the course or you may choose to withdraw at that stage and your deposit will be returned. It’s important you’re happy with the nature of the course and fully committed to attaining a serious level of palm reading ability. The second module will be sent out to you within 2 weeks of the first. The numbers on the course is limited to 20, so Johnny can give each of you individual attention. Courses tend to fill up very quickly. If the course is full, your deposit will be returned.

If you’re too late for one course, or not ready for it at this time. Please send me your details so you can get on board for the next one. Courses run in Autumn and Spring each year. Early bird sign ups get a £50 discount!

About Johnny Fincham

Dubbed ‘Britain’s leading palmist’ by the Daily Mail, Johnny Fincham has rewritten the rules of traditional palmistry. His palmistry books consistently top Amazon’s international bestseller lists, and his live TV readings and media articles have amazed audiences with their accuracy and insight. A hand reader, lecturer and researcher of palmistry for over 30 years, Johnny’s clients travel from across the world for his inspirational and revelatory consultations.

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