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Johnny Fincham Is The UK's Number 1 Hand Reader

Johnny Fincham

Johnny Fincham is the UK’s #1 hand reader (rated #3 in world rankings) an international best-selling author, whose books on palmistry have been translated into twelve languages and which continually top Amazon’s palmistry book ratings.

Johnny has featured in Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Express, The Guardian, Kindred Spirit, Chat – it’s Fate, Spirit, Holistic, Spirit and Destiny, Cosmopolitan (US),  and many, many other media magazines, blogs, radio shows and his many TV appearances have included two outings on ‘This Morning’ show.

Johnny uses the latest scientific and psychological research into the hand and finger shape, texture, size, prints and lines to make dramatic and captivating insights in people’s lives. He is the hand reader called upon by celebrities, royalty, politicians, scientists, academics, entertainers, athletes and business leaders who seek him out for his no-nonsense and transformational advice.

Johnny’s philosophy is that a hand reading isn’t a confrontation with a fixed fate, but is a moment of revelation, opportunity and change.

Having researched, written about and practised palmistry for over 30 years, Johnny has read the hands of over 20,000 people. He is the only palmist to give a money-back guarantee to all clients and people from all over the world consult him for his breath-taking accuracy.

Johnny’s has taught palmistry seminars in Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, India, Sweden and Ireland creating many professional palmists and hundreds of serious hand readers all around the world.

Now you can study palmistry to the same world-beating standard with an online course that will take you through 20 modules to attain a thorough, rich and accurate hand reading technique. With feedback from Johnny who will personally mark and comment on your work, now is your chance to study the art with the master.

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Comments And Testimonials

“Britain’s leading palmist.”

Daily Mail (Femail feature by Liz Hollis)

“Wonderful – the palmist of the stars.”

Denise Van Outen. Live appearance on ‘This Morning’ show.

“Inspiring, terrifying, life changing.”

Daily Express (article by Roz Lewis)

“I didn’t give anything away, but Johnny hit the mark every time.”

Eastern Daily Press (article by Finola Lynch)

“I just learned so much, and just when I thought I couldn’t get anything more about the palm, wham I got surprised again. Did you know that certain lines on your hands can tell you if you are a flirt or not? I would recommend this awesome guide to anyone who is attracted to Palmistry as a divination tool, and is looking for a calm and gentle teacher. This method looks absolutely goof proof. Thanks Johnny, for showing us the way.”

(Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living)

“A simple and clear book designed to make learning palmistry as easy as possible. I warmly recommend it.”

(Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider, commenting on The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry)

“Amazing –  jaw dropping accuracy.”

‘Take 5’ magazine (Real Life feature by Monica Cafferky)

“Mind blowing. Johnny was able to tell from my hand that I’m moving home, that I’m anaemic, and even that I’d once thought of becoming a social worker.”

Eastern Evening News (feature by Stacia Biggs)

“Johnny has made exciting new discoveries in the field of human sexuality in the palm.”

Spirit and Destiny (feature by Abi Foss)

“Johnny has rewritten the rules of palmistry to make it much easier to understand. Highly recommended.”

(Joyce Collin Smith, author of ‘The Pathless Land’)

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