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'Palmistry - Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours' - Johnny Fincham
Palmistry ‘Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours’
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'The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry'
'The Spellbinding
Power of Palmistry'
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Media Recommendations:

• Daily Mail: 'Britain's leading palmist.' (Femail feature by Liz Hollis).

• A simple and clear book designed to make learning palmistry as easy as possible. I warmly recommend it.' (Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider, commenting on the Spellbinding Power of Palmisty)

• Denise Van Outen: 'Wonderful - the palmist of the stars.' (Live appearance on the 'This Morning' show).

• Take 5' magazine: 'Amazing -  jaw dropping accuracy.' (Real Life feature by Monica Cafferky)

• Daily Express: 'Inspiring, terrifying, life changing.' (article by Roz Lewis)

• Eastern Evening News: 'Mind blowing. Johnny was able to tell from my hand that I'm moving home, that I'm anaemic and even that I'd once thought of becoming a social worker.' (feature by Stacia Biggs).

• Eastern Daily Press: 'I didn't give anything away, but Johnny hit the mark every time.' (article by Finola Lynch )

• Spirit and Destiny: 'Johnny has made exciting new discoveries in the feild of human sexuality in the palm.' (feature by Abi Foss)

• ''Johnny has rewritten the rules of palmistry to make it much easier to understand. Highly recommended.' (Joyce Collin Smith, author of 'The Pathless Land')

. 'I just learned so much, and just when I thought I couldn't get anything more about the palm, wham I got surprised again. Did you know that certain lines on your hands can tell you if you are a flirt or not? I would recommend this awesome guide to anyone who is attracted to Palmistry as a divination tool, and is looking for a calm and gentle teacher. This method looks absolutely goof proof. Thanks Johnny, for showing us the way.' (Riki Frahmann , Mystic Living)