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Earth Dermatoglyphs

Simple Arch

The fundamental motivations of the simple arch are to provide protection and security for themselves and others, especially their family. These types are characterised by dedication, loyalty, commitment and a sense of responsibility, which in turn makes them steady, consistent and useful workers. Their desire for security can manifest itself as a desire for allegiance with others, whether as a family, a tribe, a group or a nation. There is a strong sense of support and solidarity. However, this desire for security can also create a certain caution and reserve. They can be reluctant to face change and can have difficulty in responding to and adapting to new ideas and unexpected circumstances. This resistance to change can manifest itself as defiant obstinacy and even stubborness. The simple arch is naturally suspicious of anything until it has proven itself. The desire for security here requires certainties, not doubt.

In terms of self-expression, the simple arch is often self-repressive or self-abnegating. In part this is self-defence, but they tend to have a reserved rather than a self-expressive nature. There can be difficulties in articulation which can either produce slowness of speech or a hesitant, stuttering form of speech. Instead, they like to be doing rather than thinking or talking. Most of all they can be inarticulate about their feelings, which they find difficult to express even to themselves, and so they can be somewhat emotionally inhibited or undemonstrative in their affections.

Above all else, the simple arch gives practicality. They like to acquire practical and/or marketable skills by which they can both make themselves useful to society and thereby gain the employment needed for them to have a certain material security. People with simple arches often have a skilled pair of hands and an innate ability to make or repair things. Consequently, they often tend towards trades or professions which involve skilled manual work. The presence of many simple arches on one hand can indicate the skilled specialist - someone who likes to have practical skills but has developed a speciality (eg traditional craftsman, tree/forestry management).

It is relatively rare to find an arch dominant hand. Contrary to what you might expect, people with many simple arches are frequently actively rebellious in most of their activities, rebelling against conventions rather than abiding by them. They can be rather openly stubborn and defiant - the arch dominant person is as unconventional as he is uncommon.