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My Latest easy beginner title: 'Palmistry Made Easy'. Only £3.74 (£2) in e-book format. You can order a copy here

Also, Palmistry at your fingertips, is now out, a super-simple palmistry introduction with a unique set of palmistry cards to use as prompts to help you remember the main points. Order a copy here


My books have been described as revolutions in palmistry and are recommended by many palmistry tutors. In all my books, the art is freed from obsolete and nonsensical references. You'll develop an up-to-date technique that's powerful and easy to learn. Ground-breaking scientific research is drawn on, which proves beyond doubt that the palm reflects our unique psychology.
Both books on the right are complete palmistry courses with exercises to complete at the end of each chapter.

'Palmistry - Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours’
(O-Books) If you ever wanted to learn palmistry but have been confused by the complexity of other books, this one is for you.  It’s illustrated, not with diagrams but with images of actual hands, including those of many celebrities. After only twenty-four hours of study, this book will enable you to see into the deepest realms of the human condition.

'The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry' (Green Magic) is my most advanced, thorough, and extensive work. It’s the result of over twenty years of research, reading and teaching hand reading. You'll learn an exciting step-by-step technique. This is the ultimate professional palmistry book, leading you  through to the process of giving a reading with photographic illustrations and lucid instructions. You'll learn everything from health indications in the fingernails, to honing your intuition.

All my books are available from Amazon or from any good bookstore. Alternatively, you can order a signed, post-free copy direct from the author by ordering with Paypal.

So confident am I of my book's integrity, that I offer a unique money-back guarantee: If after working through the exercises you can't give a stunning palm reading, return the book in good condition and your fee will be returned.

Other recommended books:

William Benham
"The Laws of Scientific Hand reading" 1900
reprinted as "The Benham Book of Palmistry" Newcastle 1988

Noel Jaquin
"The Hand Speaks" London 1942

Charlotte Wolff
"The Hand in Psychological Diagnosis" Methuen 1951

Fred Gettings
"The Book of the Hand" Hamlyn 1965
"The Book of Palmistry" Tribune Books 1974
reprinted as "Palmistry" Chancellor Press 1993

Beryl Hutchinson
"Your Life in your hands" Sphere 1967

Frank Clifford 'Palmistry 4 Today'

Schauman & Alter
"Dermatoglyphics in Medical Disorders" Springer 1976

David Brandon-Jones
"Your Palm, Barometer of Health" Rider 1985

Andrew Fitzherbert & Nathaniel Altman
"Palmistry - Your Career in Your Hands" Aquarian 1989

Dr. Eugene Scheimann & Nathaniel Altman
"Medical Palmistry - A Doctors Guide to better health through hand analysis" Aquarian 1989

Beaven & Brooks
"The Nail in Clinical Diagnosis" Wolfe 1984

Andrew Fitzherbert
"Hand Psychology" Avery Publishing Group 1989

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'Palmistry - Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours' - Johnny Fincham
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