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Little finger - The Antenna

This digit takes the ‘antenna' metaphor as it's concerned with communication and articulation at all levels - verbal, signal and sexual, and the neuro-linguistic facility. Try to visualise this as an antenna where signals are transmitted and recieved. This, digit is the measure of latent communication skills. Whether someone has the gift of the gab, a good vocabulary and a love of language or not is down to the development of this finger. Its also about financial skills and sexual communication.

The average length is for the tip to be level with the top phalange crease of the neighbouring digit, but measuring this finger can be tricky if it's low-set. On a third of women and one tenth of men, the finger is set deep into the palm, so that it may look short, but is actually of normal length. Check this by observing the first crease (nearest the palm) of the antenna finger – it should reach around half way up the base section of the peacock digit.

When this digit's long, like long antenna, it receives and transmits language effectively. Anyone with this finger well developed has a feel for language, natural eloquence and wit and usually a good vocabulary. Often long antenna-fingered people are good with money and are somewhat shrewd. A long finger is found on, for example, politicians, comedians, financial speculators, writers, teachers, sales reps and lawyers.

When the finger's short, the short antenna misses signals and gets overloaded easily. It's difficult to express exactly what a person feels and it's hard to make themselves understood. Of course, these skills can be learned and anyone with a short antenna finger should be encouraged to develop their vocabulary. A short finger here isn't confident using their own words, they'll be suspicious of sarcasm and irony and won't like long words. They're usually insecure with personal finances.

Bending words

When this finger bends slightly towards the peacock finger there's a natural charm and seductiveness, especially if it's also long. You could say there was the ability to bend language for effect. It's also the sign of a liar or exagerattor.

If the finger sticks out, it's a sign of independence of mind, eccentricity and on the passive hand, someone on the lookout for a sexual partner.